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by Cassie Marketos

Petaluma — I’ve been home for four days, but my body still begins to rise every evening around 10 PM, preparing its energies for a day that is not coming. It’s a thirteen hour time difference between here and Borneo. My computer, meanwhile, keeps accessing the Lao version of Google (“Would you like us to translate?”) and Expedia defaults to “.my”. Nothing has caught up yet. I have goosebumps in full sun at ...

photography, Travel, Astrophotography

The Gnarly Tree

by Conor MacNeill

Crater lake — This is an old, gnarled tree overlooking Crater Lake. It was our last night shooting session and we were racing against the sunrise. This area was pitch black and three of us (myself, Dave Morrow and...

People, Culture

A matter of tribes.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I’ve been out and about a lot lately. At events, at gatherings, at workshops. I’ve been inside and outside my tribes. The tribes I’m talking about are the tribes that Malcolm Gladwell talks about. Th...

Travel, Coffee Shops, Office

Finding the familiar in every time zone

by Rian van der Merwe

Newcastle upon tyne — I woke up confused. I lay still for a few moments as my mind went into free-fall; a mild panic setting in as it reached out in all directions for some straw of reality to grab onto. The first solid th...

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