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Misadventures, Libraries, Hostels

Hipster hobo mode

by Christine Herrin

Tokyo — It was an empathy test of sorts.1 See, a few hours before, I had gotten really sick on an overnight bus from Osaka.2Reeeaaaally sick. Sick enough to warrant an unplanned stop, several embarrassed bows from me, and our bus conductor pulling out his phone with Google Translate. We have break now. You need help? it said. (Aww.) I nodded and managed to hobble off the bus before sprinting in the snow...

moon, technology

Your Uncle's Eclipse

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Remember when we went over to your Uncle’s after they got back from their big trip to Europe? Must have been forty years ago. A slide show with that little projector balanced on too tall a stack of ...

Prose, Life, Solitude


by Rara Nindita

Midori ward — The Moon, that taciturn, imperfect satellite. She wonders if it ever felt lonely, if it is tired of being on its own. The moon doesn’t answer but she knows something for sure: It is so strangely beaut...

Today's Sunrise

Mid-April Sunrises

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Over the period of the last ten days, we’ve only had a few performances rained out. All photos taken from the front verandah with my Canon point and click. 6 April 2014 7 April 2014 11 April 20...

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