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summer, childhood, water

Summer Fingers

by John McAlester

Barrington — The thing that I love to do the most is to get right down on my knees, spread my fingertips apart and stick them into the grass just above the ground. Rush my fingers in between the weave of roots and blades. The clumps feel true in my hands, it’s like I’ve got the earth by its hair. I do this early. When the house is still beneath its blanket and I can get out into the yard without any requests....

Books, Publishers, Today's office

Today was my last meeting as a board member of indie press champions Inpress Books.

by Steve Dearden

Sheffield — Coincidentally we met in the office of my publisher, The Poetry Business. I’ll miss Inpress. I’ll still knock around with publishers, but will lose the hard edge insight of where they meet the marke...

photography, Travel, Architecture

Yangon Sunrise

by Conor MacNeill

Yangon — I really wanted to get a photograph of a pagoda in the Yangon during my trip around South East Asia. The most logical place was the famous Burmese landmark, Shwedagon Pagoda right in the Yangon / Rang...


Nature at Work

by David Wade Chambers

Port campbell — Ultimately Green will triumph but Nature may destroy man’s handiwork . . . and man.

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