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past lives, clubs, ska

Coney Island High

by Craig Mod

New york — Twenty years ago to the day. Maybe fewer, maybe more. Close enough. This very spot I stood, or someone like me, as I was back then. Looking up and down for Coney Island High. I don’t remember the drive in. I could barely drive. Had just got my license. Wasn’t supposed to be driving in NYC, but didn’t know that. The rules, the official rules, being 18 and older. Wasn’t there yet. Had music on the ...

Immigration, Jetlag

Once I read that Spain is actually in the wrong time zone.

by Kati Krause

Barcelona — That by geography it should be in GMT, not CET, and that a change would boost productivity because people would start work earlier (I think that was the argument). What a sad way of thinking, Alfredo ...

The Small Things, Fresh, village

Small Blessings # 1: fresh air - 24/7 365

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — In my old age I have become something of a fresh air fanatic. My bedroom has a screen door that allows the sea breeze to sweep in overnight. Admittedly for much of the year I have to snuggle under w...

Books, ebooks

I am not a book lover

by Dani Z

San francisco — Am I a book lover? I want to say that I am but I have come to believe that that is missing the point. Books are funny things. The term book traditionally refers to a physical thing that contains ...

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