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Life, Settling, Finding

Though I don't regret it, I'm beginning to understand that refusing to settle isn't a decision to be made lightly.

by Aaron Palabyab

Sos del rey católico — I can’t stop looking at this photo, which I took a month ago. There’s just something in it, this combination of beauty, wonder, movement, and loneliness, that strikes me deeply. Come to think of it —- those have been the four constants of the past year of my life. It’s the 68th and third-to-the-last day of this particular jaunt abroad. As much as I dread and despise the city I’m coming back to, ...

Birthdays, City Life

Life ..

by Dani Z

San francisco — Tomorrow, I turn 32. The other day I went to a fitness class. The kind that is attended almost entirely by women and which has a certain aesthetic. It’s clean. Perfumed. Orderly. The exercises lack c...

medicine, healthcare, Life

What I want people to know about growing up with a trach and a complex medical condition.

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — I had a high spinal cord injury while I was being born which affected two parts of my brain, the automatic nervous system, and the part of my brain which controls the physical parts of my body. As a r...

Life, light


by Ishita Doval

New delhi — Part true; Part Fiction Nothing was right. Nothing was clear. Unpredictability was the only constant. I was screaming as the agonizing pain spread all over my abdomen. I was lying in one of the innu...

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