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Same story. Different city and When Enough is Enough.

by Mona Moe Nomura

Miami beach — “You recommend ceviche? Ceviche… as in the dish with the raw fish?” I couldn’t help wonder out loud. After all we are in Texas, the land of steak, brisket, sausage and all kinds of fried and grilled and roasted and braised meats but the server’s recommendation is… seafood? And fresh seafood at that. I am skeptical. I can’t help it. It was some years back in Austin, Texas. I had flown in from ...

Brunch, community

Sisterhood Brunch Club

by Vivien Leung

Toronto — Although I had 28 people said yes to my invitation and I prepared 28 thank you cards 1, my intuition kept telling me at least 1/3 of them would end up cancelling. I even dreamt about people cancelling...

music, Disco

Samples & Boom Boom.

by Alban Creton

Tokyo — Three years ago I started DJing in bars and clubs around Tokyo. It came first as a stupid idea, like a joke with a friend of mine1 but it quickly started to take more and more time in my life. I love ...

yoga, Mindfulness, meditation

Suspend your mind and take flight.

by Anne Wu

Melbourne — My mind is free when I take flight. The silks nestled around my hips. I tip toe, tip toe backwards till there is tension in the silks and let go. My body floats weightlessly and swings in the air. To...

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