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Memories, Artifacts, Travel

Found these travel artifacts tucked away in my bookcase.

by Donovan Bui

Costa mesa — Leftover coins (rupees, koruna, forint, yen), shampoo packets, maps & stubs, magnets, boarding passes and tickets to attractions, napkins from fantastic restaurants, Tina’s name sewn on a paper. It’d be a lie to say that four years ago, this was a fantasy. Back then I couldn’t even imagine this stuff. I cared too much about future careers and feeling successful. I agonized over the little det...

Beach, The Ocean


by Sara Ashley

Virginia beach — Yesterday, for no reason at all, the ocean to my right (frigid and frothy, speckled in drizzle and mist, a tide that knows no seasons, but pushes and pulls regardless of sunny, tourist-swamped beaches...

walking, Solo Travel, Solitude

Maybe someday I'll miss this: midnight walks alone, a stranger in a strange land.

by Aaron Palabyab

Madrid — It’s my forty-fifth day in Spain, one week after the end of an intense film shoot up in the north. Now I’m in Madrid, without a plan, holed up in an apartment on my own for the next few days. I took ...

Clouds, couplet, Life

Evening Clouds

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — As clouds of evening gather and unite, I see that future moment with fresh eyes.

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