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Notes on The Other

by Craig Mod

Narita — What right do I claim? None. No family, no blood ties, no citizenship. Friends, yes, but nothing legal. A visa, up for renewal yet again. Nothing binding. Nothing strict. And so you come. You, too, who (probably) have no lay of claim to this city. Come eyes wide open, knowing nothing. Arrive at this place that will not accept you. You, The Other. Always, The Other. Always pushed to the outside, o...


Airports as parallel realities.

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — Not all people like airports. Most people actually dislike them. But there are those who appreciate airports. I do, and a few of my friends do too. People who don’t enjoy the airport experience focus ...

buddhism, emptiness

The World as Emptiness

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — My brushes with Buddhism have been few and far between and yet profoundly important for me. I associate these encounters with three specific words that represent very particular concepts. The words ...

curiosity, Life, psychology

Smears of curiosity

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — If curiosity had a color, which would it be? Curiosity feels like this imaginary co-pilot in our everyday lives. Unlike any other co-pilot though, this is one that does its best job as a navigator wh...

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