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Thickets and Climate Change

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — On our small acreage I have left many wild thickets (like the one pictured here) to grow without disturbance for 37 years. Apart from its beauty, this strategy has major value in the war against climate change. For example, in the period I’ve been here, the trees shown in this picture alone have stored enough carbon to more than offset the carbon emissions of our two cars. Literally thousands of p...


by Daniel Chow

Philadelphia — Final Days of Summer. Underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. No shelter from the hot afternoon sun. Parched. At least the occasional breeze brought some relief. The river kindly offered, “I’ve water...

Adventure, Missouri

There is a piece of me that thrives here and can survive no where else.

by Annalyn Valantine

Springfield — I was born in Springfield, and three days ago was my first time back since my parents moved to Ohio. On the ten hour drive here, I realized the real reason I had always wanted to come back is because ...

Hotel Life, Prose

To: The Housekeeper who did turn down service in room 802 Friday evening, From: The girl in room 802

by elle luna

Chicago — The night before I was supposed to deliver a keynote presentation to 500 creatives in Chicago, I stood in front of the mirror to practice my talk. I talked about IDEO, about Uber, about Mailbox. And i...

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