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Walking around Kamakura I saw this girl sitting on top of a building enjoying the afternoon.

by Markus

Kamakura-shi — At first I was alert. Somebody sitting on top of a high building didn’t feel right. This uneasiness quickly wore off after observing her for a bit – she was just sitting there, eating a snack and looking around. So I reached for my camera, took a photo and then continued my stroll through Kamakura. I forgot about this moment until some weeks later when I got all my rolls back from the lab. This i...

Travel, Celebration, Festival

Embrace the Wetness

by Ricardo Magalhães

Chiang mai — The warnings about the dangers of the Songkran, the Buddhist New Year’s celebrations, were everywhere in Thailand. “Protect your valuables, cover your backpack, wear protective eyewear.” While readin...

solar energy, Today's Sunrise

Solar Panel

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — As I drove to the gym this morning along the Great Ocean Road, I spotted this solar panel about to start its day’s work. It put me in mind of, shall we say, an ‘exchange of views’ I had recently with...

night, Prose, poetry

Midsummer Night

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — I’m outside, brushing my teeth The air is humid and cool and wonderful it’s been raining all day and now the blues and the greens of the night are all jumbled up, bleeding into each other A light...

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