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Thanksgiving Down Under

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Above is the picture I posted, of course on Facebook, to reassure my family and friends in the US that, although transplanted to Australia, I have not forsaken the practice of Thanksgiving. My partner Paul prepared what might be considered a true Native American version of the holiday feast: roast duck, wild rice, roast vegetables (sadly, it’s spring in Australia, so there’s no corn on the cob t...

The Small Things, Today's Sunrise, photography

Small Blessings #2: Bear Gully

by David Wade Chambers

Walkerville south — Up at 5 AM with my camera waiting for the sunrise. We know our little tourist cottage at Bear Gully looks out over Waratah Bay in a generally easterly direction, facing the broad expanse of Wilsons P...

Coincidence, Memory, Cycling

Breaking memories, breaking windows

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — As a man once sent for a fertility test by a new doctor called Cockshoot, I should never be surprised by coincidence. I’m riding around south Manchester at the moment, piecing together a geography I ...

past lives, clubs, ska

Coney Island High

by Craig Mod

New york — Twenty years ago to the day. Maybe fewer, maybe more. Close enough. This very spot I stood, or someone like me, as I was back then. Looking up and down for Coney Island High. I don’t remember the dri...

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