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The Night of the Coup

by Charlie Grosso

Istanbul — It was a simple Friday night. Watermelon and rum; roasted chicken salad and take out pizza; friends and a rooftop. We had just finished dinner and moved out of the oven-like kitchen to the rooftop when Alex, a former diplomat asked casually, “Have you guys heard anything about the bridges being closed?” From the roof, we could see the Ataturk and Galata Bridge, stitching the north and south half ...

Memories, Travel, running

An Ode to a Shoe.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — Today I bought new running shoes. A long overdue mission, mind you: my running shoes, which have been traveling with me for a while, have more holes in them than I could count. But it wasn’t until I ...

Fiction, Feet

Foot pain?

by Craig Mod

Iowa city — Sehl’s father was a coalman. One of them old coalmen from west of the area, in the foothills of South Dakota. He had run away from home aged eight — escaping his alcoholic father and syphilitic mother...

The fire

by Dani Z

San francisco — A month ago a fire took out the third floor of our building and rendered the rest of it uninhabitable. The prevailing theory is that the fire was caused by our upstairs neighbor who either threw a cig...

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