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Travel, photography, nature

At the edge and the top of the world.

by Dan Rubin

Clare — There’s something special about places where land meets the sea — I suppose the same must be true about that place right on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, though until Richard Branson invites me on a Virgin Galactic flight I’ll just have to assume this is the case. Sometimes, this meeting place is gentle: Grains of sand bridging the gap between firm footing and water, waves rolling in with the c...

postcard, Friends, Love

Love, with a stamp.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Reykjavík — “What on earth are you doing? Why are you mailing them so slowly? It’s cold, get on with it!” — I said to her, barely feeling my fingers. It was our last night in Iceland, and being in Reykjavik meant...

summer, childhood, water

Summer Fingers

by John McAlester

Barrington — The thing that I love to do the most is to get right down on my knees, spread my fingertips apart and stick them into the grass just above the ground. Rush my fingers in between the weave of roots and...

Architecture, Weather, missed opportunities

The best photos I never took.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — Imagine this building, if you will, covered in icicles. Not the tiny, sharp, mundane ones that form on the eavestroughs of houses. No, these were mighty. Giants of their kind. As thick as your head, ...

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