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Update, Edit, Update

by Steve Dearden

Ilkley — As I wrote my commission for Wakefield Litfest last year, Wakelost Wakefound, I found myself writing more and more on screen. I don’t just mean on the computer, I mean in WordPress, pushing Update and rereading on the site, then going back into Edit Page to work the text, updating and rereading, then back to Edit. I found it impossible to write this piece in the normal way I would write, offline...

Rights, Discrimination, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Needs Laws To Guard Against Discrimination

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — “Mr. Sanders, he is gay,” said the 10 year old pointing to his classmate. I froze. A million thoughts came rushing through my mind such as does the boy know what it means? Is he joking? Is he repeatin...

Colors, Personality, psychology

Beyond the Optics of Color

by A J

Rawlins — I cannot count on two hands how many times, throughout life, I have changed my “favorite color.” It could have simply been a change in preference, or change in personality, perhaps. It is hard to obs...

Prose, Life


by Matt Shachter

Hilliard — Stopped mid-stride by this painting in a window a block away from the bay in San Francisco. Like a memory frozen before me I had to capture it to share with my wife - the subject of my own mental mast...

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