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Live Music

Samples & Boom Boom.

by Alban Creton

Tokyo — Three years ago I started DJing in bars and clubs around Tokyo. It came first as a stupid idea, like a joke with a friend of mine1 but it quickly started to take more and more time in my life. I love playing music to a crowd (well, when there is a crowd). Getting reactions to the music you play can become an addiction, and I can only admit it: I became a junky. Soon after that, I guess as most DJ...

Today's Sunrise, Easter, sacred

Easter Sunrise 2014:  Four Moments

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Having little or nothing to do with religion, moments like these are sacred and of great spiritual significance. 6:40 AM 6:50 AM 7:00 AM


by Cassie Marketos

Petaluma — I’ve been home for four days, but my body still begins to rise every evening around 10 PM, preparing its energies for a day that is not coming. It’s a thirteen hour time difference between here and Bo...

People, Culture

A matter of tribes.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — I’ve been out and about a lot lately. At events, at gatherings, at workshops. I’ve been inside and outside my tribes. The tribes I’m talking about are the tribes that Malcolm Gladwell talks about. Th...

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